Kara Mosesso
Kara is simply a fantastic health coach: she’s knowledgable, supportive, and easy to talk to you. She meets you where you are and helps guide you in meeting your personal goals, while introducing you to important things you might not have considered along the way.
She has coached me and a member of my family, and we have both been so happy with her. We had very different needs and concerns, and she was able to address them both.
Kara is a wealth of knowledge, but will also take the time to research the areas she’s not as familiar with and provide you with the information you need. She makes herself available and responds promptly to questions. I couldn’t recommend her more...and I actually have to other friends, who’ve also worked with Kara and have also been so pleased! She’s the best!
— Sharon, 33
I believe I have tried every diet available and never had much luck. I found that the older I get the more difficult it is to lose weight. Recently I was diagnosed with celiac disease and having difficulty with adjusting to a new diet. I was missing the old foods I loved and having difficulty in finding new foods to enjoy. This struggle was made increasingly difficult with my lack of energy, troubled sleep and recent low mood.

I knew I needed to do something and it was at this time I was told about Kara. I thought this might be what I needed to get back on track, and I couldn’t have been more right. Kara is a God send. With Kara’s support and guidance, I was able to set goals that were attainable and make changes that improved my health and happiness.

Kara taught me about the importance of healthy eating and gave me ideas for meals that included new foods which I never would have thought of. Quinoa was one such food that now I cannot live without. I also found out that dairy is something I would do better without. I learned to better understand my cravings and I am now able to control them.

With Kara’s help I have lost 20 pounds and dropped a size and a half. I have begun to exercise more and develop a better sleep schedule. I have more energy and feel that I can better handle my day to day stress. Kara’s approach is to have you look at all areas of your life, to create balance and joy. Through all of this I feel that Kara has helped me to become happier, healthier and more confident. I have reached a deeper understanding of lifestyle choices. Kara was very supportive and easy to talk to. She had great ideas and was always providing informative handouts, as well as recipes. If you are looking to improve your health and well being then Kara is your health coach. She will support you and guide you to a happier and healthier self.
— Laura, 52
As I have become older, I have been looking for ways to improve my overall health and well being in order to better enjoy my upcoming retirement years. I contacted Kara to receive some health coaching, evaluate ways to lose weight and to better understand ways for prevention and management of chronic diseases.

Over a period of several months, Kara has educated me on health awareness and instilled the motivation for me to take a more proactive role in selecting healthy lifestyle changes. This process entailed an assessment of my current wellness, defining an approach for improvement, implementing a plan to help meet my health goals and a way to monitor my progress.

In a short period of time, I am already seeing positive results in achieving some of my health goals. This has been an extremely valuable learning experience for me.
— Jack, 63
Kara is an amazing woman (she happened to guide me through the NYC marathon) and a health coach. She’s so knowledgeable and has a wonderful personality so if you are thinking you need some coaching to reach your health and personal goals, check out her info!!!
— Kathleen, 50
I am a 63 year old female who initially desired a diet change to lose weight. Unfortunately as we age shrinking occurs and clothes begin to feel uncomfortable although weight gain has not occurred. In order to be more comfortable, I reduced my caloric intake significantly for several months to no avail. (Ladies, we know another benefit of aging is the inability to lose weight without starvation.) I also experienced stomach distress almost nightly which took me a while to realize it may be diet related.

Over the past several months Kara has guided me through changing my diet to plant based. Kara’s education/experience as a Nurse Practitioner and Integrative Health Coach compliment each other nicely. She has lead me to a path of improved health for the short and long term. Noticeable improvements include the disappearance of my stomach distress, a decrease in losing sleep due to restless leg syndrome (which again I had not related to diet) and weight loss without the starvation factor. It is also important to note that I had a physical a few months ago and all my blood work is within normal ranges. I am prescription medication free and will continue on my current course of diet and exercise to remain that way.

Thank you Kara for your valuable and life changing assistance and guidance!
— Deb, 63
I have been working with Kara for a few months now, and with her extensive insight and expertise, she developed an easy to understand, personal plan to attain and manage the goals that I set for myself.

Kara really opened my eyes to the entirety of mental as well as physical health. Not just how active I should strive to be or what foods and eating habits I should be mindful of, but how every aspect of the mind and body needs to work in harmony to achieve long lasting results. This approach allowed me to target very specific aspects of my lifestyle in order to arrive at larger milestones through careful planning and education.

I am thrilled to continue working with Kara and I would recommend her to anyone looking for motivation and accountability toward changes big or small, to find a happier future self.
— Joni, 29
Ever since I had temporarily been diagnosed with a cervix pre-cancer condition 10 years ago, I have been obsessed with finding the right diet to stay on top of my health game, including genetic analysis, metabolic typing and much more. Being convinced that my body needs tons of protein and knowing Kara was vegan, I went into the coaching with a grain of salt. I have never been as positively surprised by the results of her influence on my nutrition and wellbeing. Not only is Kara a complete expert in her field, but she also finds a uniquely private approach to your individual situation, using a wealth of information from different angles relating to nutrition and exercise.

I had been healthy and conscious before, but after only a few weeks under her supervision, I feel much more healthy, awake, agile and strong than I had ever felt before, both physically and mentally. I can only highly recommend Kara in every area connected to health and physical wellbeing. I surely have fundamentally been changed by her coaching!
— Kathrin, 33
I had such a great time working with coach Kara - I knew I wanted to make some changes to my health habits but was intimidated at the idea of going vegan. Kara helped me to make subtle changes to my diet that had big impact to my health, as well as giving me the accountability to continue to crowd out the inflammatory foods I was eating with plant-based alternatives. I’ve lost weight, have more energy and am really pleased with my progress in just a short time - even while traveling the world as a nomad!
— Kate, 38
Kara’s plant-based challenge legitimately changed my life. I’ll admit that it wasn’t easy at first, but after two weeks I really started to see MAJOR benefits to the vegan lifestyle. My skin was the best it’s ever been, my energy at a peak, and I’m sleeping like a baby. I still have cheat meals once every few weeks (that was the deal I made with myself) but otherwise I am strictly plant based and couldn’t be happier or healthier. Kara has been SO supportive throughout that process, and helped get me over the hump those first few weeks to get me feeling as good as I do now!
— Zoe, 25