You've completed the plant-based challenge!

Yippee!  Maybe you ate 100% plant-based during the 30 days, or maybe you followed the plant-based lifestyle 80% of the time.  Maybe you still ate meat and fish all along, but significantly increased your intake of fruits and veggies. Either way, I'm sure you reaped some positive benefits!  So, now what? 

The goal of this challenge was to empower you to make an investment in your health.  While some medical conditions are unavoidable, 80% of chronic disease is preventable, so ultimately the health promoting power is in YOUR hands.  I hope the daily e-mails encouraged you to turn this challenge into a lifestyle.  Small, progressive steps go a long way.  Sometimes all it takes to continue positive health decisions in the long-term is education, encouragement and accountability, which I can provide you as a certified holistic health coach and adult health nurse practitioner!

You want to live a long, vibrant life but...

  • You have a strong family history of chronic disease, such as cancer or heart disease, and are worried that you're at risk too
  • You're confused about what types of changes you can make to your lifestyle to improve your health
  • You're on a handful of medications, all with a list of side-effects, and desperately want to get off as many as you can
  • You're going through or have been through cancer treatment and want to manage treatment-related side effects and prevent recurrence or other types of cancer

I have good news!  You have the power to make dramatic changes in your health and vitality and to reduce your heart disease and cancer risk.  Are you ready to make a long-lasting investment towards your health?  Let's start the adventure!   

Program Options:

All of my programs entail individualized plans, personalized handouts, virtual pantry clean-up, recipes, e-mail support between sessions, and progress tracking.

I offer a free 30-minute discovery call to review your health goals and to discuss which, if any, program is right for you. No commitment required- it is important for us to be the right fit for each other!

Monthly payment plans available.

One month program- Do you feel super motivated to dedicate time to your health and you know how to hold yourself accountable, but just need some initial clarification and education to get your started? Sign-up for this program, which includes two 30-minute video or audio sessions, weekly e-mail check-in and personalized handouts. 

Three month program- Not ready to dive into a full six months, but ready for some change?  Get your toes wet with this program, which includes two 50 minute Skype video/audio sessions per month (6 sessions totals), weekly e-mail check-ins, personalized handouts and giveaways.

Six month program (recommended)- includes two 50 minute Skype video/audio sessions per month (12 sessions total), weekly e-mail check-ins, personalized handouts and giveaways. This program length is ideal to create lasting change.

Group and corporate sessions- includes two 60 minute Skype video/audio sessions per month (12 sessions total) for a group of 3-12 people, Q&A with each session, weekly e-mail check-ins, personalized handouts and giveaways.  Ideal for a group of friends or family with similar health goals or for companies dedicated to the health and wellness of their employees.

Customized meal plan- individualized suggestions/examples for you based on your goals and needs.  Prices vary.  Email me with questions.

Are you ready to dig deep and bring a more energized, healthier you to the surface?  I'm ready to answer questions or to arrange a free 30-minute discovery call (no commitment required) when you are.  Treat yo' self, you deserve it.