Morning Meditation and Nude Mineral Bathing

My first week in Sofia I went on a Remote Year organized event and had no idea what I was in for!  About 15 people that signed up for the event met in a parking lot outside Vasil Levski stadium at 7:30 AM.  We drove about 30 minutes outside of Sofia to get to our destination: Pancharevo Lake.  Our adventure began with a 30-minute silent meditation hike that took us to a viewpoint with stunning views of the lake and the city of Sofia. The hike was a beautiful and energizing way to start the morning and was a great accompaniment to my fledgling meditation practice this month.  After taking in the view at the top, we hiked down to the lake and our guide presented us with our next challenge (as if walking in silence wasn't enough for us):  it was time to refresh ourselves in the natural hot mineral springs.  Nude.  As the Bulgarians do.  

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