Podcast Alert!

Hey guys! A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to sit down with Sean Tierney, founder of Nomad Prep, and answer his questions about how to stay healthy on the road and the importance of choosing nourishing, whole, plant-based foods in general. Scroll down for show notes. You can listen to my video podcast interview HERE.

I also wanted to announce that I’m launching another 30-day plant-based challenge starting October 1st. You can learn more and sign up here!

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Kara Mosesso is a nurse practitioner and certified health coach who has run 26 marathons and subsisted entirely on plants for the past decade. Hear her dietary advice for nomads. 

Health and wellness on the road can be tricky when you don’t have the luxuries of your home kitchen. Today we’re chatting with Kara Mosesso of Nomadic Nourishment on the topic of how to maintain a healthy diet while on the road. Kate travelled with Remote Year Kublai for a year and now runs a nutrition and health coaching business on the side of her full-time job as a nurse practitioner. 

In today’s conversation we delve into topics around maintaining a healthy diet abroad, resources for meal planning while on the road, the value of a primarily plant-based diet, sources for information on evidence-based nutrition, techniques for making lasting habit changes and more. Kara challenges listeners to take her 30-day plant-based challenge and shares a number of useful resources linked below for learning more about these subjects. Enjoy!

Show Notes

Time   Topic
0:01:43   Welcome and context
0:04:32   What are the potential implications of poor nutrition?
0:05:22   Why did you choose to focus on preventative measures in healthcare?
0:08:13   What is the gist of your approach for nutrition?
0:10:40   Paleo diet felt good but maybe isn’t?
0:11:53   FDA had the food pyramid exactly upside-down, who can you trust when it comes to diet?
0:13:35   “How did I not learn any of this in medical school??”
0:14:43   NutritionFacts.org for weekly evidence-based studies
0:16:13   “How Not To Die: preventing and reversing the 15 major killers”
0:18:18   What’s the framework or meal planner you use for constructing healthy meals?
0:20:58   The root of chronic diseases is inflammation
0:21:39   Is there an index of natural remedies organized by the condition you have?
0:23:07   Why is inflammation so bad for us?
0:24:38   Different types of inflammation and repercussions
0:25:13   What kind of turnarounds are possible once people fix their diet?
0:26:05   Do you have any strategy recommendations for making dietary changes more likely to stick?
0:27:54   The value of an accountability partner
0:28:55   “Progress is better than perfection”
0:30:28   If plant-based diets are better why do vegans tend to look so unhealthy?
0:31:47   Are there any nutrients that are hard to get if you’re strictly plant-based?
0:36:58   You’ve run 26 marathons: can you talk about that?
0:38:16   Do you have any running tips?
0:40:43   How can people engage with you?
0:43:16   What are your tips for being able to cook when you have a different kitchen each month?
0:46:59   Any parting thoughts? 


How not to die” book by Michael Greger
Michale Greger’s NutritionFacts.org site
Greger Keynote talk (short version)
Greger Keynote talk (long version)
Daily dozen Google Doc 
Daily dozen iPhone app 
Forks over knives recipes and meal planner
Forks over knives documentary
Sean’s juice recipes
Dr. Axe
Rich Roll Podcast
TEDx How Greens Can Improve your Health talk
“Born to Run” book 
Transitioning from heel strike to forefoot strike running
Kara’s FB business page
Happy Cow app for finding plant-based restaurants internationally