Eat for Your Health: Eggplant Claypot from Vietnam (V, GF)

Here is part two from my series on plant-based recipes from around the world!  This one is a traditional Vietnamese dish that comes from Kim of Kay Vegan Bistro in Ho Chi Minh City.  I ate there several times during my stay in March and everything was so delicious!  The restaurant is tucked in a peaceful little side street in Saigon and the staff is so friendly, especially Kim!  Here is the recipe for a special traditional dish that many of their guests enjoy, myself included!  I also highly recommend the papaya salad.

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Tofu cubes and Eggplant Clay-Pot

Ingredients (per serving)

+ 1 Eggplant

+100 gram tofu,  chopped into cubes or triangles 

+ 1 or 2 shallots,

+1 cloves of garlic

+1 stalk of lemongrass

+1 stalk of leek

+ 1 or 2 bird-eye chilli

+3 table-spoons of soy sauce or tamari sauce

+1 teaspoon of sesame seeds

+ 1 tbs of sesame oil

+pepper for seasoning

+ fresh coriander and sweet basil for garnishing

Serve with brown rice prepared according to package instructions. 

eggplant claypot
Bird's Eye Chili, otherwise known as Thai Red Chili

Bird's Eye Chili, otherwise known as Thai Red Chili


-Cut the eggplant in half, then in quartered and in length of 3 to 4 cm, soaked in salt cold water to help it not blacken

-tofu cut in squared cubes

-mince the shallots and the garlic

-cut the lemongrass in length of 2 cm

-chop the leek

-In a clay-pot or cast-iron skillet, heat the sesame oil till warm, stir in minced garlic and shallots, chopped lemongrass, chopped leek, saute for a minute until ingredients are soft and lightly browned and fragrant.  Add eggplant, tofu cubes, soy sauce, sesame seeds, bird eye chilli, pepper, simmer for about 10 minutes, add a few tbs of veggy stock for extra flavor and to prevent mixture from becoming too dry, taste and season more soy/tamari if needed

-Turn off heat and garnish with fresh coriander and sweet basil

-Serve warm in clay pot with brown rice.

Make sure to stop by Kay Vegan Bistro if you are ever in Saigon, Vietnam and say hello to Kim!

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