The 4-Week Plant-based Lifestyle Challenge

I've been living on plants for quite some time now (find out why I became a full-time veggie muncher here).  They've been pretty good to me.  In fact, I might even go so far as to say they've showered me in rose petals and gold.  Now, I didn't always eat strictly plant-based foods.  I grew up on meat, potatoes and a glass of milk with dinner every night.  Salad consumption consisted mostly of iceberg lettuce and vegetables were often covered in some sort of creamy concoction.  (Disclaimer: this is not a complaint about my mother's cooking!  My mother, by the way, is nearly 100% plant-based now.).  My point in telling you this is to show you that I have a foundation for comparison and looked and felt distinctly different when I made the switch.  It was an "I'll never look back" type of distinction. 

When I first joined my Remote Year group in Malaysia, I got LOTS of questions. My quick friend and fellow Remote, Kathrin Peters, was especially curious so over one particularly delicious plant-based meal I presented her with a 4-Week Vegan Challenge, which she graciously accepted.  Watch our video to find out what happened when this meat loving German took on my challenge! You can also read more about her experience here. I apologize in advance for our voracious appetites and robust chewing- the food at Hum Vegetarian in Saigon is just so good :)  Psst- scroll down below for details about how YOU can join the challenge.

Try it for yourself and experience the difference!  I'll be running a mass challenge for anyone and everyone who wants to participate.  The challenge begins Monday, April 17, 2017 and will include daily email support with recipes, shopping lists and lifestyle suggestions. It's just about the best thing you can do for your health AND the environment (make up for that POTUS slack and make an impact this upcoming Earth Day). Talk about an all around #positiveimpact.  SIGN UP HERE!!!  IT'S FREE!