April 2017 Hit List

The last few months I've been compiling a monthly 'hit list' of things in the wellness and travel world that are nourishing me each month- because nourishment is about so much more than food.  Here are the things that made me smile, think, celebrate and learn in April, 2017.

Photo cred: Jay Harrison

Photo cred: Jay Harrison

-This read explains why the problem isn't with Obamacare, it's insurance companies.

-Meat eating is the new smoking.  

-You've most definitely heard about it already, but if you're under a rock somewhere, then you should know about S-Town.  

-Do your part in honor of Earth Day this month.  

-That one time I crashed a Cambodian wedding.  

-The 25 buck 60-minute foot and leg massage and pool time at Sarai Resort and Spa in Siem Reap, Cambodia (pool pictured below).