January 2017 Nourishment Hit List

Nomadic Nourishment..

I've decided to compile a hit list of things in the wellness and travel world that are nourishing me each month.  Here are the things that made me smile, think, celebrate and learn in January, 2017.

-The Hilarious World of Depression is a podcast hosted by John Moe that takes a refreshingly honest, and comedic, look at the world of depression.  If you have never been afflicted by depression, you mostly certainly know someone who has.  Pass it along- it seems especially fitting in this political environment!

-Trump and his cabinet are climate change deniers- let's ban together in protest and practice these 9 things listed in this Forbes article.  #science

-What I'm reading: The Blue Zone Solution: A guide for eating and living like the world's healthiest people, by Dan Buettner.  He is a National Geographic fellow who spent 10 years traveling to the 5 geographical locations where inhabit the world's largest population of centenarians.  He loops together 9 commonalities among these 5 cultures, proving nourishment is about much more than the food that you eat. 

-The OA.  I was homebound with a mild case of the flu earlier this month and binge watched all 8 episodes of this eerily beautiful Netflix original.  Watch it now.

-Bear Notch Ski Touring Center.  I had to give this place right outside of North Conway, New Hampshire a shout out.  Thank you for fulfilling all my novice cross country wants and needs. 

-THIS is a great round-up of health related articles for 2016. It's all about the science.

-It is so great to see articles like this showing up in the NY Times. Kudos to Eric Adams for spreading the message to his constituency.

-Run your mind clearer. 

-The Biggest Loser goes plant-based.  Read more here.  

Run your mind clearer. 

Run your mind clearer.