Take the 30-Day Plant-Based Challenge!

It starts October 1, 2018!

(Last day to register is September 30th)

Did you know 80-90% of chronic diseases are preventable and science shows that a whole-food plant-based lifestyle is the best way to prevent many of these debilitating diseases? You have the power to make dramatic changes in your health and vitality and to reduce your risk of chronic diseases, like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and even Alzheimer's. Are you ready to make a long-lasting investment towards your health?  Let's start the adventure!   

Who is the challenge for?

The challenge is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve heard about the benefits of living plant-based, but don't know where to begin.
  • You want to ensure that you're getting enough nutrients (including protein!) into your diet while adhering to a plant-based lifestyle. My motto is 'count nutrients, not calories' after all.
  • You're interested to learn more about how your food choices affect your health AND the environment.
  • You want a sustainable way to bring health and vitality into your life.
  • You want someone experienced and credible (ME!) to make it easier for you.

The plant-based movement is growing and for good reason! What are you waiting for?!

What do you get with the challenge?

  • Daily e-mail support/education
  • Private Facebook group
  • Lifestyle tips and resources
  • Staples shopping list
  • 1 week of meal plans as well as one additional recipe recommendation per day
  • More energy, clearer skin, better blood pressure control, more pliable arteries, boosted immunity, pooping perfection and probably even some weight loss!

The cost of the program is $11.00  

Here's what participants from the last challenge had to say:

Thanks for changing my life!!
Some of the positive changes I’ve noticed are better skin, better sleep, better mental clarity and focus, better spiritual state, especially when consciously thinking about not exploiting animals for my food. You provided incredible amounts of tips, suggestions and information, all packaged in a way that made it easy to learn and follow!
I’m feeling healthier overall, more energetic, not feeling overly full or sick to my stomach after meals like I did sometimes before. I love that I’m now craving those healthy meal options. So much incredible information was given. A huge thanks for all the work you put into this.
I was concerned about being full/bored - but i found myself being way more thoughtful when ordering food or making it at home - I don’t think I had 1 salad (I hate salads) and was full and satisfied and definitely impressed at some of the meals i made. I was “regular” too and i didnt feel any discomfort etc.
I learned how satisfying all veggies can be. I definitely didn’t miss meat at all and that is saying a lot coming from me. Also, I found myself being extremely thoughtful while eating out - really processing what was on the menu rather than a robotic order. I’m now taking more time to understand what I’m putting in my body.
Some of the positive benefits I experienced include better energy levels and mental clarity. I learned how much I prefer the taste of plant-based foods over animal products. The challenge was much less difficult than I expected!
I lost weight and I now crave lousy food a lot less in general. Good eating begets good eating!
Overall I just felt cleaner and more motivated to make healthy choices. Bowel movements were a bit better, too. I enjoyed this so much that I’m planning to stick with it - maybe not 100% of the time, but pretty close. I definitely feel healthier and more knowledgeable and I truly feel that my lifestyle is changed.
The challenge was great. It was easy to follow and the daily emails made each day approachable in a new way. I would often base certain dishes or meals around the topic of the day. The emails were also a very good length, easy to read and understand and set me up for success, often through constant encouragement, and a good reminder when I needed an extra push to keep going. Thank you for the challenge.
I felt really supported and the info was top notch!
Your daily emails were motivating and educational. I never realized the insane amount of protein and cholesterol I was consuming.
I really appreciate that you base everything on science and not “the current trends”
I loved reading your emails - very informative, entertaining and well-written!

This video was filmed in March, 2017 and Kathrin Peters is STILL eating 100% plant-based!