Kara Mosesso

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Nourishment is about more than the food you put in your mouth. There are many lifestyle factors that need to interact symbiotically to form a nourished, healthy individual: nutritious food, movement, job satisfaction, relationships, spirituality, stress management, creativity, sleeping habits and regularly doing the things you love.

I am a nurse practitioner and health coach, fond of traveling the world, helping others live their best life and preventing, managing and reversing disease with a healthy dose of lifestyle medicine. My coaching model helps empower you to make positive changes in any of these areas that may be lacking to bring a more healthy, vibrant you to the surface. The road to health and wellness can be an invigorating adventure.  Let me show you how with guidance and support to help you make lasting changes that will impact ALL areas of your life positively.

I specialize in:

  • Health support during and after cancer treatment. F*ck Cancer.
  • Preventing, better managing and even reversing chronic diseases (such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol). Buh bye, meds.
  • Helping people transition to a plant-based lifestyle.  Kale yeah!

Your adventure awaits. Contact me today for a FREE consultation if you're ready to reclaim your health!